Randy Porter and Dave Frishberg: Unsung

Track Listing

  1. Snowbound
  2. Listen Here
  3. I’m Hip
  4. Heart’s Desire
  5. I Want to Be a Sideman
  6. You are There
  7. Dear Departed Past
  8. Wheelers and Dealers
  9. Little Did I Dream
  10. Peel Me a Grape
  11. Do You Miss New York?
  12. Zanzibar

Tribute to Dave Frishberg (Liner Notes)

“A growing number of listeners and musicians have come to appreciate Dave Frishberg as a composer, lyricist and pianist, yet his name is still relatively little known to the larger public.  Most recordings of Frishberg’s music or lyrics understandably feature vocalists.  My hope is that Dave’s music also has the prominence to reach you “Unsung”.  Perhaps by now, even with a purely instrumental interpretation, we can sense his message through the melody, the humor through the harmony, and the rhyming through the rhythm; not unlike his predecessors achieved through the other timeless jazz standards of the Great American Songbook.  Hope you enjoy.” – Randy Porter

*All songs written by Dave Frishberg, except for: I’m Hip by Bob Derough and Frishberg, Heart’s Desire by Alan Broadbent and Frishberg, You Are There and Little Did I Dream by Johnny Mandel and Frishberg. All arrangements by Randy Porter. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Randy Porter at HeavyWood Studio.
Piano: Randy Porter
Bass: John Wiitala
Drums: Todd Strait

Recording Engineers: Randy Porter, Gabe Porter, Owen Wohlforth
Recorded at Heavywood Studio, Lake Oswego, OR
Mixed/Mastering: Randy Porter
Videography: Roland Wu
Graphic Design: Gary Edenfeld
Producer: Randy Porter
Co-Producer Cindy Porter
Executive Producers: Dent Hand and Bill & Nancy Gordon.