What Randy covers in Lessons/Workshops

An in depth look at jazz music’s most important elements:


  • feeling and playing time with more freedom and control
  • studying musical tension and resolution (over the bar, polyrhythm, odd meters)


  • drilling the basics and implementing the more advanced and exotic
  • looking at harmonic leaders such as Bill Evans, Barry Harris, George Shearing, John Coltrane, Richie Bierach and others


  • setting a higher standard for creating a new song within a song
  • getting beyond chord/scale theory and “playing what you hear”
  • exercises to balance various note durations with space
  • finding ways to tap the melodic wisdom of masters such as Charlie Parker and apply some general principles to all styles

What the students say

Randy has seemingly boundless information to give. Every lesson I’ve taken from him has left me thinking about new concepts, each of which have added depth to my improvising. He is able to build on a player’s own strengths while recognizing and addressing weaknesses at the same time. I highly recommend that those who want to take their playing to the next level on any instrument check Randy out.

I had my first private lesson with pianist Randy Porter today. It’s been years since I had a formal lesson with anybody. Randy has one of the deepest harmonic and rhythmic concepts I’ve ever encountered, plus he is my favorite saxophonist’s (Charles McPherson) favorite pianist. We looked at a couple of standards and he gave me some new ideas to think about.  Randy seems to be able to play anything over anything and still sound great. These harmonic devices seemed to be true classical BeBop.

(Randy)  is able to pass his eclectic and deep wealth of knowledge on to the students in a way that applies to each of their individual tastes, while still teaching them the basics of their craft.  He’s the best and everyone should take lessons from him.